About Us

We are a team that designs and implements the latest IT solutions on a daily basis.
Our greatest asset is conscientiousness, honesty and individual approach to each client.

We have over 10 years of experience in what we do, each of us is responsible for something different. Our team consists of people who work from different places in the world and do their work with passion. Each of us has worked on larger and smaller projects as a subcontractor. Today we work together as one team and create various projects together as get3code.

Why us?

We are distinguished by the speed of action, directly proportional to our knowledge and experience, at a competitive price. Each client is serviced comprehensively. We make every effort to ensure that our services are at the highest level. We strive for constant and trusted cooperation, supporting our clients at every stage of the project. We support the best CMS and e-commerce platforms, we participate in the development of open source software and provide downloadable plugins for selected platforms.

Technical Support

Even after completing the order, we do not leave the client on the proverbial ice. We provide services in the field of repair, update or implementation of a new graphic design, including technical support. If you have a problem, we will help you fix it even at night. We make every effort to comprehensively and responsibly approach the tasks entrusted to us.

What makes us stand out

Speed, flexibility and approach to the client, which gives you a guarantee of a reliable job. We always answer your e-mails and phone calls. We advise free of charge on the selection of applications, equipment and services.

What we do

We care about the image of your company and its success on the Internet, it’s as if we were creating a tool thanks to which you are able to do your job with it. The better and more efficient, the greater the scope of work, which translates into profits.